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Light beam

Invisibility cloaks becoming reality

Science fiction’s cloaking devices may soon be realised as researchers use carbon nanotubes to deflect light.

Steroid Inhaler used by asthma sufferers

New hope for asthma sufferers

A new asthma drug developed allows patients to avoid the use of steroids, but has been deemed too expensive to be prescribed to patients by the NHS.

Apple in court again

Apple in court again over allegations of copyright infringement.

Investigators baffled by spontaneous combustion death

The first Irish case of human spontaneous combustion baffles investigators.

Embryonic stem cell treatment for blindness

Potential treatment for a degenerate blindness found in the form of embryonic stem cells.

Laptops for students

Want help choosing your laptop? This is for you.

Changing tactic for nuclear fusion

Generating power by putting particles together rather than breaking them apart is now closer than ever.

Genetic link to intelligence found

Stereotypes of intelligent parents producing intelligent kids might be more true than you think.

Eco-friendly biominerals grown in lab

Material which makes up shells and bones recreated in a lab.


Urbee, the world’s most futuristically manufactured car

Using the process of 3-D printing, the environmentally friendly Urbee hybrid car displays the future of manufacturing.

NASA satellite UARS

NASA five-tonne satellite crashes off US west coast

After decades of service to science, a NASA satellite has crashed into the earth under much confusion as to where it would land.

Apple in court again

Apple are in court proceedings once again, this time accused of copyright infringement by VIA Technologies.