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The Loneliness Experiment launched

A University of Manchester psychologist leads an experiment which aims to explore what loneliness looks like in our world today

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Preview: getting girls into science event

A celebration of women in STEM for International Women’s Day at the Museum of Science and Industry

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Massive uprooting of campus greenhouses

This summer, the University of Manchester’s botanical research facilities are set to undergo major renovations

Photo: Petr Kratochvi @ Public Domain Pictures

Petri dish humans: breakthroughs in lab grown human tissue

Research at the University of Manchester and the University of Edinburgh have made recent breakthroughs which may alter the way we treat kidney failure and female infertility

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Citizen science project aims to unpick ‘Secrets of Happiness’

University of Manchester clinical psychologist, Dr Sara Tai, has started a new collaborative project to unpick what happiness is

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Science around the world

Jacklin Kwan reports on key contributions to science from around the globe

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Manchester researchers find Twitter helps understanding of side-effects

Recent research of over 20 thousand tweets has shown that patients worry the most about less-serious effects of steroid medecines


Gender pay gap among Uber drivers

Drivers’ experience on the platform, preferences of where and when to work, and driving speed account for difference in pay

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Facebook as a platform for cyber poaching

As the world’s largest social media site reached two billion members in 2017, concerns rise surrounding its use for illegal wildlife trading

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Indian tech company create 80 new jobs in MediaCityUK

Manchester-India Partnership will see Tech Mahindra establish an office in Manchester creating 80 new jobs, boosting trade and investment

Photo: University of Manchester

100 million year old spider with tail found in fossil

An international team of researchers, including University of Manchester’s Dr Russell Garwood, find a fossil that suggests spiders used to have tails

Photo: Manchester Digital

Digital Skills Festival returns to Manchester

The four-day event, which showcases and strengthens talent within the North’s tech industries, will be held in Manchester this week