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Special accommodation may be offered to students who do not drink. Photo: Martin Klefas-Stennett

Councillor fears mass bar-crawl could become ‘Mancunian Magaluf’

Masses of students dressed for the ‘pimps and hoes’ themed night in Deansgate on Sunday

Manchester students prepare for the real world at a graduation ceremony. Photo: University of Manchester

15% of graduates in low-skilled jobs, says study

The Mancunion talks to recent graduates about their early experiences in the world of work

90% of students believe peers take drugs, while only half actually do. Photo: James Robinson

Students over-estimate number of peers taking drugs

90% believe peers are taking drugs, compared with the reality of 54%

Photo: Paul Campbell

UK voted the safest place to study by foreign students

The UK’s ‘multicultural nature’ wins it the title of the safest place for international students to study

The majority of applicants to study at Oxbridge in 2013 will now have to face entance tests as well as interviews. Photo: babasteve @Flickr

Oxbridge raise bar in admissions process

Prospective students will have to face more tests and achieve better results next year to gain places at the prestigious institutions

International students at London universities were forced to queue for hours overnight. Photo: Sabrina Khan

University leaders stop foreign students queuing overnight

Complaints from university leaders have led to a new ruling meaning international students will no longer have to register in person with the police. Last…

MMU suspended Professor Parker in October on charges of "gross professional misconduct”. Photo: Joe Sandler Clarke

Petition against MMU Prof suspension gets international support

Academics from around the world warn that Professor Ian Parker’s suspension could damage MMU’s international reputation

Liquid nitrogen is used in cocktails to create a dramatic vapour cloud. Photo: Flickr star5112

Teenager has stomach removed after 18th birthday celebrations

A liquid nitrogen laced cocktail has left an 18 year in hospital with her stomach removed

'New clothes' and 'beauty treatments'  feature in the average student's top ten monthly spends, the survey says. Photo: Joe Sandler Clarke

Student loan spent in a month by one in six students

‘Beer, cider and spirits’ labeled one of the biggest expenditures

The mark of promoters. Photo: Jonny Whiting

Students secretly ‘rated’ on campus for attractiveness

– Social Junkies filtered potential reps by looks and banter
– Packs sold by halls of residence

The University of Manchester

University of Manchester students happiest since 2005, says NSS

83% of students at University of Manchester ‘satisfied’ – up 4% from last year

Protesters against NHS cutbacks and privatisation gathered outside the Labour conference last Sunday. Photo: Claire Pegoire

Students lobby Labour over plans for NHS

Students, trade unionists and activists lobbied outside the Labour Party Conference against NHS cutbacks