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Debate 2: Defending circumcision

Circumcision is a practice which has been debated for thousands of years, but to forcibly prevent it from happening would be wrong.

Future Squats of Manchester: this poster, pasted onto the corner of the abandoned Cine City in Withington, reads: "The rapid urban regeneration of Manchester has resulted in dozens of new 'luxury' apartment buildings. These new homes for the rich are part of a planned attack on the local working class and poor residents".

Squatters are not criminals

Maya Oppenheim rejects government proposals to criminalise squatting in the context of a housing crisis in an era of rampant unemployment

Defiant: an Occupy Wall Street protestor lets his poster do the talking

Occupy Everything

In the wake of the much-publicised Roscoe occupation, Jak Dyehouse assesses the rationale behind the seemingly unstoppable spread of occupations to cities across the world

In conversation: Andrew Williams discusses foreign policy with the minister

“Sofa government is not a part of what we do”

Andrew Williams meets Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt MP to discuss Syria, self-interest, the Arab Spring – and what his government has learned from the war in Iraq


Waiting to cross

Zeina Ramadan shares her experiences of growing up in Nablus, Palestine

Lifeless: a typically empty main hall at Tory party conference

Party conference season – a political charade

Andrew Williams heads our review of this year’s party conference season – and he is crying out for an end to this “outdated and obsolete charade”

Enjoying education

The spoilt brats of society

Doing our bit to annoy everyone else

Cat-astrophe: the Home Secretary's kitten heels caused a stir at Tory party conference

Who’s hot, who’s not: the winners and losers of party conference season

Some soared, others flopped as the three major parties gathered for their annual conferences

Camila Vallejo, a communist, has led the student fightback against reforms to the Chilean education system

Turning up the heat: tensions rise during Chilean winter

Oliver Johnstone explores parallels between student protests in Chile and here in the UK

Israel Flag

Debate 1: Palestine reaches for statehood, but is it ready?

On 23 September Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and head of the Palestinian Authority, officially submitted a bid to UN Secretary…

Palestine Flag

Debate 1: The time for false mediation is over

“With our souls, with our blood, we will defend Palestine,” cry those for whom Western rhetoric has become a rare beacon of hope in the…

Manchester is my heaven

Manchester is my heaven

Ben Moore in defence of the University, and city, of Manchester