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In conversation: Andrew Williams discusses foreign policy with the minister

“Sofa government is not a part of what we do”

Andrew Williams meets Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt MP to discuss Syria, self-interest, the Arab Spring – and what his government has learned from the war in Iraq


Waiting to cross

Zeina Ramadan shares her experiences of growing up in Nablus, Palestine

Lifeless: a typically empty main hall at Tory party conference

Party conference season – a political charade

Andrew Williams heads our review of this year’s party conference season – and he is crying out for an end to this “outdated and obsolete charade”

Enjoying education

The spoilt brats of society

Doing our bit to annoy everyone else

Cat-astrophe: the Home Secretary's kitten heels caused a stir at Tory party conference

Who’s hot, who’s not: the winners and losers of party conference season

Some soared, others flopped as the three major parties gathered for their annual conferences

Camila Vallejo, a communist, has led the student fightback against reforms to the Chilean education system

Turning up the heat: tensions rise during Chilean winter

Oliver Johnstone explores parallels between student protests in Chile and here in the UK

Israel Flag

Debate 1: Palestine reaches for statehood, but is it ready?

On 23 September Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and head of the Palestinian Authority, officially submitted a bid to UN Secretary…

Palestine Flag

Debate 1: The time for false mediation is over

“With our souls, with our blood, we will defend Palestine,” cry those for whom Western rhetoric has become a rare beacon of hope in the…

Manchester is my heaven

Manchester is my heaven

Ben Moore in defence of the University, and city, of Manchester


The extravagance of staying in

Going out is so uncouth


Guess who’s back? Back again – Putin’s back!

Vladimir Putin’s latest statement of intent doesn’t only have implications for President Medvedev – it will have a great impact on Russian democracy and the wider international community

Rivalry: many have argued that David would have made a better leader than his younger brother

Better off Ed? In defence of Ed Miliband

Calls for an economic alternative have grown over the past 12 months, and following his keynote party conference speech ‘Red Ed’ is looking more far-sighted than far-left, writes Rob Fuller