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Mohammed is a fifth year student at An Najah National University in Nablus, Palestine.  He studies industrial engineering.

The lives behind the numbers

Mohammed describes the human tragedy behind the cold statistics of the occupation


Everyone’s a photographer

Call me old fashioned, pretentious, whatever else, but something really gets my goat about the proliferation of Facebook ‘photographers’. I don’t understand the need for…

Scapegoated: Peter Watt was the fall guy for the 'Donorgate' scandal, but remains eager for Labour to return to government

“We need to be painting big bright colours rather than writing in shades of grey”

Andrew Williams discusses Ed Miliband’s struggle to find a direction with former General Secretary of the Labour Party, Peter Watt

Prioritised: the Church of England has unparalleled influence over matters of state

‘Militant secularisation’ has not gone far enough

Greater separation between religion and the state will give people of faith more religious freedom, not less, writes Catriona Watson

House of Lords

Nick Clegg is right – we need a new look House of Lords

Reform is essential if we are to restore the legitimacy of the upper chamber, Paul Adair explains

Nowadays we can't answer our front doors without pornography to ward off evangelists

Religion is so rubbish that we can’t have bins in public places

Bomb-happy fanatics aren’t the only thing about religion that ruins things for everyone else


Give me back my freedom to argue

“Freedoms” are a pretty tricky concept, apparently. In a country that uses its human rights record as rhetoric against less democratic or accepting leaders, it’s…

This photo of the Sofan family home shows olive trees on the family's land burning as a result of an arson attack by settlers.  In 2011 alone settler attacks in Burin caused damage to 1,850 olive trees, 100 almond trees, 3 cars and resulted in the injury of 36 Palestinians.  Trailers from Yitzhar settlement can be seen in the top right corner of the photo.

Palestinian Lost Ambitions

At 28 years old, Amjad Sofan feels he has missed the train of education and, at this point in his life, will not be able…

Sa'ed Abu Ayash stands in the alleyway mentioned in his article within Askar Refugee Camp in Nablus, West Bank

Stories from the West Bank: A Curfew Day in the Camp

One morning while the rest of the family was sleeping except for my mother, I went to the kitchen to help her make breakfast.  We…


As Palestinians Take the High Road…

There is a story and a long road that every student in Palestine goes through to reach university. This challenge is not only academic. Of…


No Homo…phobia

Even if it was justified by religion, and you are a practising religious person, so what? Slavery is justified by the Bible

Don't think about it

Third year fear

The end is nigh for studenteye