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Palestinians should be the first to support the Syrians

Even while under oppressive Arab regimes, Arab people have remained faithful to Palestine, but, in light of this support, what have Palestinian citizens and more specifically the Palestinian government given in return, especially in the case of the ongoing struggle in Syria?

Dispatches from Toulouse: A reflection on the Merah attacks

The most striking aspect of the whole saga is not the unanswered questions that remain…but the utter indifference

Surprise victory: Galloway revels in his status as a Labour Party pariah

Galloway’s victory holds lessons for Labour

The Labour Party needs to take a long, hard look at its core values following the controversial MP’s surprise by-election victory in Bradford West

"A Budget for growth": Osborne hailed a 5 percent cut in the top rate of tax in last weeks' Budget

Why Osborne was right to drop the 50p tax rate

The Chancellor was right to cut the top rate of tax in last weeks’ controversial Budget, Charlie Sherriff argues

"We're all in this together": will Cameron's catchphrase of choice come back to haunt him?

Society under siege

Reforms to healthcare, education and the welfare state are an attack on the fabric of our society, writes Joe Earle

Lunar-tic: forget projections for growth - this country would go mad for a moon base

For a Budget we can all be proud of, build a moon base

Hot on the heels of Newt Gingrich’s latest maverick proposal, Cat Hanson has a novel suggestion for George Osborne’s Budget

Melissa Benn

Interview: Melissa Benn

Journalist and author Melissa Benn speaks to Ben Moore about our education system, the student protests and the evolution of our feminist movement

A very simplified analogy

Friends in need

Why we should be giving more to the developing world

Religion is not rubbish, politics is

In issue 13 of The Mancunion Joshua Carroll condemned religion as rubbish, I’m going to let you know why his argument is the real rubbish….


What’s all the fuss about?

There’s been a great deal of fuss lately over the government’s latest work experience programme backed, most notably, by Tesco. In fact, so loud has…


Workfare: not fair

As more big businesses continue to criticise and to drop out of government unpaid work experience schemes, it is surely the case that the system…


Give me back my twelve quid: the great tutorial swindle

There seems to be a growing trend amongst humanities lecturers to teach their tutorials through the medium of student-led presentations. It’s not exactly surprising, seeing…