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“Sorry mate, no can do, ‘Elf and safety an all that”

Tom Hoctor An early action of the coalition government was to commission a report into the merits of health and safety legislation. This was much…


Elections, Elections, Elections

“The Students’ Union elections may represent a hypothetical bridge between personal belief and national participation, it is student responsibility to cross that gulf and embrace union politics”

The Week in Washington 2

Joe Sandler Clarke As of 26th February 2011, thousands of people were outside the State Capitol in Wisconsin fighting to prevent Republican Governor Scott Walker…


Liberal Hypocrisy

Lucy Hall “What we may be witnessing is not just the end of the cold war, or the passing of a particular period of post-war…

The Week In Washington 1

Joe Sandler Clarke Today in America, approximately 50.7 million people cannot afford health insurance. Further, an estimated 10 per cent of the population are unemployed;…

Campbell: 'I continue to believe we did the right thing.'

‘The world is a better place without Saddam – we turned a blind eye to his atrocities for too long’

Alastair Campbell opens up about phone hacking, the coalition government and, inevitably, Iraq


Hot Head – Letters

Alex Lynham discusses the importance and relevance of the letters page.


In Conversation

This week, Comment Editor Yasna Hawksley, is in conversation with Sarah (S), Emma (E), Abu (A), Greta (G), Andrew (AS), Elly (ES) and Dani (D) discussing LGBT week:

Love’s Happy Ending

With divorce rates rising and marriage no longer being the the ‘Happy Ever After’ it once was,


If it doesn’t make a profit then let it rot.

Gerald Brent muses on whether or not the closure of public libraries marks a wider trend towards the marketization of education.


The soft bigotry of lowered expectations

“This latest mutation of ‘trendy teaching’ is hugely detrimental to helping a child recognise and fulfil their true potential and thus to social mobility, which has stagnated over recent decades.”


Hot Head – MTV

MTV has been a bastion of music television for years, why does Jonathan Ridge feel that it needs to readdress its priorities?