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Nobel Laureate: Liu's awarding of the Peace Prize prompted Chinese officials to come up with their own Confucian alternative

Confucian reigns as China awards a Nobel alternative

When it comes to peace prizes, Vladimir Putin is hardly the first name that springs to mind


Down with donations

Is it any wonder that tough regulation has not been forthcoming in the wake of the banking collapse?

The Man Himself

Farca Italia

The number of corruption and bribery allegations made against Berlusconi reads like an episode of Boardwalk Empire, with one key difference: Boardwalk Empire has a sense of realism.

June saw the Bilderberg Group gather at the luxury Survetta House hotel in St Mortiz for this year's conference

Ailing EU economies turn to Bilderberg buddies

The new leaders of Greece and Italy have more in common than their job titles – both are members of the secretive Bilderberg Group. Andrew Williams takes a look at the mysterious organisation

The European Union is key to ensuring that Britain continues to play a role on the world stage

Why Britain must stay in the EU

Rob Fuller puts forward the case for Britain’s continued membership of the European Unon

Sweet setup

The ultimate setup

Trials and tribulations of creating your own animal house

Joker: Berlusconi's constant brushes with the law have become too much for the Italian public

Who’s next in Europe’s game of dominos?

With European leaders toppling left, right and centre, the Arab Spring has given way to the Mediterranean Autumn – and it’s nothing if not entertaining, writes Cat Hanson

No 2 EU

The key point that Europhiles miss when attempting to silence our popular wish to free Britain from the shackles of the European Union is that…

Job centre

Something for Nothing

It seems that to get away with any large-scale fraud of our benefits system you’d have to be part of some sort of large crime syndicate.

A man waves a Palestinian flag

Israel’s Response to the Palestinian UNESCO Bid

Responding to a legal and non-aggressive action by stepping up settlement construction displays how uninterested in the peace process Israel has become.

A sign reading 'Silence, Please'

Silence, Please…

You have the right to remain silent… It might even do you some good.

An American man celebrates the death of Osama bin Laden in Times Square

Celebrating Death

By sacrificing our ideals – the source of our humanity – do we reduce ourselves to the level of the dictators themselves?