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Chile Protests

FECH: “We want education to be a right, not a privilege”

Students want a government which shares their view of education as a social right, and a crucial part of the progression of the state.

Lavish: Gaddafi steps off his $120 million private jet, paid for by Libya's vast oil riches

“Every Libyan should be rich” – how Gaddafi squandered oil trillions

Fahim Sachedina explains how the late Colonel Gaddafi wasted Libya’s oil riches – but looks forward to a brighter future for a neglected people

Confident: François Hollande's poll ratings seem to indicate that he will snatch the French presidency from Nicolas Sarkozy come May 2012

Stage set as France prepares to cast judgement on Sarkozy

Thomas Turner takes a look at the race to win the French presidency with less than six months until polling day


Debate 2: Ban non-therapeutic infant male circumcision

In Britain it is accepted wisdom that female circumcision on minors (now widely referred to as female genital mutilation) is in effect child abuse. How…

Dewey Defeats Truman

The internet and the press: A happy marriage or grounds for divorce?

Coverage of recent news events has led to concern over the impact of the internet on the press. Has it been a benefit or a hindrance?


Is It Time For A “Fat-Tax”?

As Denmark implements taxation to reducing obesity, and Cameron suggests a similar move here, we must question whether it is the right thing to do.


Debate 2: Defending circumcision

Circumcision is a practice which has been debated for thousands of years, but to forcibly prevent it from happening would be wrong.

Future Squats of Manchester: this poster, pasted onto the corner of the abandoned Cine City in Withington, reads: "The rapid urban regeneration of Manchester has resulted in dozens of new 'luxury' apartment buildings. These new homes for the rich are part of a planned attack on the local working class and poor residents".

Squatters are not criminals

Maya Oppenheim rejects government proposals to criminalise squatting in the context of a housing crisis in an era of rampant unemployment

Defiant: an Occupy Wall Street protestor lets his poster do the talking

Occupy Everything

In the wake of the much-publicised Roscoe occupation, Jak Dyehouse assesses the rationale behind the seemingly unstoppable spread of occupations to cities across the world

In conversation: Andrew Williams discusses foreign policy with the minister

“Sofa government is not a part of what we do”

Andrew Williams meets Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt MP to discuss Syria, self-interest, the Arab Spring – and what his government has learned from the war in Iraq


Waiting to cross

Zeina Ramadan shares her experiences of growing up in Nablus, Palestine

Lifeless: a typically empty main hall at Tory party conference

Party conference season – a political charade

Andrew Williams heads our review of this year’s party conference season – and he is crying out for an end to this “outdated and obsolete charade”