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Boris ping pong

Boris Johnson, British politics and the incurable case of the ping pong political conference

The Mayor of London’s ping-pong prowess provides a useful metaphor for the insular nature of our party conference system

Vince the Cable

Conference crunch time for the coalition

Rob Fuller assesses the priorities of the three main parties, and what it will take for each of them to have a successful autumn conference

A recent poll shows Barack Obama trailing both Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, his most likely Republican challengers

The Week in Washington: Obama’s jobs plan

President Obama’s flagship jobs plan could be his last chance to save a faltering presidency


Reshaping Manchester

Proposed changes to parliamentary constituencies across Manchester disregard the significance of local identity


Racism in the living room

Paul Haslam comments on the advance of racism in everyday situations.

256 Fallowfield

The saga begins

Three years of predictable drivel

This is the moment a group of medical-students-come-climbers reached the top of Mount Breithorn in Switzerland. The Manchester Wilderness Exploration Society, led by 4th year medic and climbing instructor Daniel Leach, were promoting a campaign against drug patents which deny medicine to the developing world. Photo: Daniel Leach.

Developing new drugs is only half the battle

Universities are selling drug patents which last for 20 years, allowing companies to charge extortionate prices for vital medicines.

Citizenship and civil disobedience

people walked out of Curry’s with their looted TVs, stopping and waiting for a green man before crossing the road

The end of the world is Nigh! Don’t believe me? Pick up a paper

Tom Hoctor The result of the Oldham East and Saddleworth (OES) by-election was not quite, but almost, a foregone conclusion. For reasons best known to…


‘I’ll have a teaspoon of liberalism and a taste of global economics’ – The after dinner discussion and its place in grass roots political analysis

“A few collected generalisations demarcate the arrival of conversation, a ‘have you seen the news?’ or ‘isn’t it awful about…?’ emerge, as ripe and provocative as the after effects of yet another episode of green cannon-ball warfare.”


Choice, competition and markets: Andrew Lansley and the future of the National Health Service

Martin Scott The recent guidelines proposed by the Health Secretary undoubtedly mark a major shake up of the function and future of the National Health…

“Sorry mate, no can do, ‘Elf and safety an all that”

Tom Hoctor An early action of the coalition government was to commission a report into the merits of health and safety legislation. This was much…