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Panem et Circenses (Bread and circuses – the students’ choice.)

Twitter was busy this week with Manchester students moaning about the cold whilst protesting against cuts outside the Tory conference in Birmingham. Black and red posters appeared hastily pasted up in their usual fashion around the campus, “Stuff your cuts, we won’t pay!” read the slogans. But it’s not just the Commies who are upset; there is an atmosphere on campus from many students and staff that they are on a collision course with the Conservative-Liberal government.

“I’ll have a rugby ball, scalpel, and some clunge please, mate”

There are a section of people present at most universities in Britain who probably accumulate more dislike from the rest of the student body than any other. They are the only group cliquey enough to organise their own ski trip, whilst being the only sports team more unbearably annoying than the organisers of the normal ski trip. I’m referring to the single most ‘banterific’ group of students that has ever walked the Earth, the Medic Rugby Boys.

Influence and North Korea

“I am who I am because of everyone” was the tag phrase of the old advertising campaign of a certain mobile phone company, and a tag phrase that also I took personal disagreement with, despite it being a very arguable, if pretentious, slogan.

The demise of Barack Obama

What’s remarkable, is that this has all occurred just two years after America’s Liberals were heralding a new age of progressive government.

Partying with Politics – Why Co-operation for Co-operation’s sake will lead us down the wrong path

Why Co-operation for Co-operation’s sake will lead us down the wrong path

David Cameron Half-term report

George Robinson, Boarding master and head of house reviews David Cameron’s half term progress

The Political climate

Using only ‘science’ to argue for the transformation in the way we use energy , even by the good guys, takes climate change out of its proper political and economic context and allows our imaginations to be influenced because of its unquestionable authority.

Fees debate splits the coalition

Matt Hirschler discusses the implications of the Browne review for the coalition

The Browne Review: Where Next for the Student Movement?

Jess Bradley discusses the implications of the Browne review for the student movement

Is the Big Society just a Big Con?

Joe Sandler-Clarke discusses Cameron’s big society.

Accommodation Outrage

Lily Howes sees how accommodation companies are making the most from the student buck.

Tolerance is paramount, but sanity is a pre-requisite

William Maclure looks at Islamaphobia and the Ground Zero Mosque.