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Proofreading companies: right words, wrong idea

T. S. Eliot examines proof-reading companies: are they killing the skill of writing a good essay?

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NSS boycott threatens student economics society campaign

The Students’ Union’s boycott of the National Student Survey is causing issues for the campaign tactics of the ever-growing Post-Crash Economics Society

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Men more likely to suffer from academic ‘imposter syndrome’ than women

A recent study by the University of Houston shows that male academics are more likely to suffer from work-related anxiety, depression, and ‘Imposter Syndrome’ than their female counterparts

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Are universities sexist?

Recent studies have found that only 22% of professors are female. Does this mean that universities are inherently sexist?

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Preview: Notes on a Thesis by Tiphaine Rivière

Roma Havers previews Tiphaine Rivière’s Notes on a Thesis, as translated by Francesca Barrie


Two-thirds of female academics are unhappy with work-life balance

A report has shown that ‘workaholic’ working environments in academia are detrimental to the career paths of female academics

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Don’t let ‘anti-radicalisation’ measures stifle intellectual liberty

Books Editor Yasmin Mannan argues that attempts to fight radicalisation are a serious and dangerous threat to our academic liberties

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Manchester claims racial equality charter mark

Eight UK universities have been given the award by the Equality Challenge Unit, which also honours institutions for gender equality

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Subject snobbery is an obscure form of discrimination

In keeping with our Welcome Week Education Special, Rebekah Scott, who is soon to join the University of Manchester, decries the common undercurrent of subject snobbery in academia.

Maths lecture at Helsinki University of technology

Letters of GCSE praise for poorer students are too little, too late

Are letters of praise at GCSE going to achieve anything other than patronising students?

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Why I don’t want a PhD

Antonia Jennings tells us why a career in academia isn’t as good as it first sounds


These attacks on smart drugs aren’t very smart

James Jackson discusses the positives of ‘smart’ drug use in academia and other areas.