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I.Am.Gia: a hidden story of drug addiction and celebrity

Does it matter that this stunning new label’s brand is caught up in a less-than-glamourous past?

Photo: Johan Persson

Review: People, Places & Things

Anna Merabishvili reviews the touring production at HOME.

Photo: Nicu Buculei @Flickr

Students hedge their bets as gambling addictions grow

How would we live without our student loans? New data reveals that’s what many are having to figure out, owing to the rise in rates of UK gambling addiction among young people

Is the art of conversation dead? Photo: Esther Vargas @Flickr

Walking lanes are a sad sign of society’s bigger problems

The introduction of special walking lanes to overtake those engrossed in their phones shows us how integral our phones are to our lives

"Hands up if you can't live without your phone." 54 per cent of 18 – 24 year olds consider the devices an addiction. Photo: kris krüg @Flickr

Technology: the modern day student addiction

A survey has revealed the biggest addictions that students and other young people succumb to

235 Casino: one of Manchester's most popular casinos, frequented by students and footballers alike

Gambling: the secret student vice

Andrew Williams explores the increased prevalence of – and motivation for – student gambling in an era of 24/7 betting