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Top 5: Spy Films

As Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle hits cinemas, Jamie McEvoy gives us his top 5 spy films

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HOME Pick of the Week: Hitchcock/Truffaut

Hitchcock/Truffaut is a fascinating look at the artistry of one of cinema’s greatest directors


Feature: Directors Don’t Deserve Special Chairs

Elliot Coen tells us why we shouldn’t necessarily idolise the captain of the film set. Kubrick is an exception, though

Feature picture (BBFC)

Video Nasties

Tom talks blood, bureaucracy, flesh and classifications: how the BBFC has affected movies from Psycho to Philomena, Cannibal Holocaust to A Clockwork Orange


Are you enjoying comfortably?

George explores how far our enjoyment of an filmmakers’ is affected by our knowledge of their less glamorous private lives

Legendary director Sir Alfred Hitchcock

Finally we flip the lens: The dethroning of Alfred Hitchcock

Jessie Cohen analyses the current obsession with getting to know the man behind the master of suspense

Film Composer John Williams

The films are alive with the Sound of Music

Sophie James celebrates the importance of music in cinema