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Photo: 20th Century Fox

Review — Alien: Covenant

Out of this world, or familiar failure?

Photo: 20th Century Fox

Top 5: Space missions gone wrong

Voyages into the final frontier often end in disaster—here are the five most memorable space catastrophes in film

Photo: 20th Century Fox

Classic Review: Alien

Are we really alone in the multi-verse? To find out, Arne listened to a podcast with Prof. Brian Cox – he was soon bored, so watched Alien instead

The Nostromo. Photo: Alien: Isolation @Flickr

Review: Alien Isolation

Despite the critcised length of the game, Alien Isolation is another success for Alien franchise fans

The Oculus Rift aims to provide the ultimate escapist experience by immersing players into 3D worlds. Photo: Global Panorama @Flickr

The Year in Games: 2014

A round-up of the biggest gaming news and releases so far.

Under the Skin

Cornerhouse Pick of the Week: Under The Skin

While it won’t be for everyone, Film Editor Robbie Davidson recommends you seek out Under the Skin for a truly immersive experience

apocalypse now

A Year In Film: 1979

When it came to film, 1979 saw it all – from aliens to union workers, world wars to Star Wars. Figures as diverse as cowboys,…