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Top 5: Oscar-nominated costumes

Costumes are one of the many details that add to the brilliance of any great film—here are our picks for the five best Oscar-nominated costumes

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You Can’t Handle the Truth! – JLaw’s overhyped career

Arne Dumez reckons that Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t come close to deserving her wide acclaim


Top 5: Cleaning Scenes

George takes us through the cleanest scenes in cinema history


Oscars 2014 Predictions: Best Supporting Actor

Mark McGrath tips Jared Leto to take home the golden trophy on Sunday night


Oscars 2014 Predictions: Best Film

Jack Crutcher discusses the talent in what has been an exceptional year for filmmaking


Oscars 2014 Predictions: Best Actor

Robbie Davidson discusses the bumper crop of acting talent this year


Oscars 2014 Predictions: Best Director

Shanda Moorghen sets the scene for a pack of career-peaking nominations in the best director category


Oscars 2014 Predictions: Best Screenplay

It all begins with the screenplay, Angus Harrison tells us which stories he believes are the most Oscar-worthy this year


Oscar 2014 Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

Sarah says that despite some strong competition, Lupita Nyong’o is the truly deserving winner for the Oscar this Sunday


Preview: American Hustle

As the seventies became the eighties, con man Irving Rosenfeld (Bale) and his cunning mistress Sydney Prosser (Adams) are pushed into the world of the Jersey mafia by the FBI.