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A charity run is a great motivator for exercise. Photo: Lee Nixon (Flickr)

Feeling fit for the summer

Sunshine means showing some skin. Amy Bowden gives her exercise tips on feeling fit, healthy and confident this spring and summer

Beautiful beaches are one of Mexico's biggest draws. Photo: Alejandro Cabrera (Flickr)

Let’s visit… Mexico

Do you like the sound of golden beaches, exploring a different culture and visiting some of the best nightclubs Central America has to offer? Amy Bowden says look no further than beautiful Mexico

Photo: Maria Hyland

Career Corner: Maria Hyland

Amy Bowden interviews novelist Maria J. Hyland

Photo: RVWithTito (Flickr)

Winter warm-ups

Amy Bowden on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the Winter slump

Photo: Cimm (Flickr)

Dance Yourself Fit

Amy Bowden on why Zumba is the most exciting and efficient way to slim down this season

Wikimedia Commons: Sampsonchen

Uni blues: surviving the first week back

Amy Bowden gives her advice on how to battle through the first week of lectures