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EXCLUSIVE: The Mancunion visits Manchester’s animal research facility

Editor-in-Chief Kirstie O’Mahony is the first ever journalist to see the facility up close and personal

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @ Pit-yacker

Do you know what goes on in the Stopford Building?

Is it okay that many of us don’t comprehend the costs of animal testing?

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Almost 500 animals killed a day by University of Manchester research

The University admits to approving the use of 174,120 animals in 2016 as subjects of research

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Controversy: Animal testing

This week, Senior Science & Technology Reporter, Serena Holloway, tackles the ongoing debate on animal testing in pharmaceutical development


The darlings of cruelty-free beauty

Rebecca Thomas details the brands who are working hard to manufacture cruelty-free beauty products, with a fine example of lipstick to motivate you during the day!


MAC: We trusted you

Keir Forde exposes favorite cosmetics manufacturer, where there really is no beauty without bunnies.

A wistar lab rat, commonly used for research. 
Image: Wikimedia commons

Manchester’s research under threat?

With animal rights campaigners attacking supply lines of animals for testing into the UK, is our research as a nation going to suffer?

Jaqueline Traide puts herself forward for the mistreatment experienced by so many animals. Photo: Mark Large

A Lush Profile

More than just a niche beauty brand, Lush is proof that beauty has a conscience