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Another ‘unconventional’ gap year

Alex Hope recounts his memorable experience as an anti-poaching ranger for rhinos and the challenges he faced whilst living in South Africa

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Interview: Chadden Hunter

Science & Technology Editor, Georgie Hines, sits down with Planet Earth II producer Chadden Hunter to discuss conservation, the challenges of nature filmmaking, and what’s in store next

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Controversy: Animal testing

This week, Senior Science & Technology Reporter, Serena Holloway, tackles the ongoing debate on animal testing in pharmaceutical development

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Global News: Science

Read the best science news from around the world this week

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Global News

This week in global news

The study focused on sheep and why their bodies behave differently throughout the year. Photo: Dave Wild @Flickr

Cause of animals’ internal body clocks discovered

Manchester and Edinburgh researchers identify specialist cells responsible for seasonal adaptations in mammals

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Opinion: This Blood Has Taken Its Toll On Me

Martha Norman explores the controversy around THAT Maroon 5 video