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The devilish web

In times of such high political stakes, we need to move away from social media and onto the street in a more inclusive effort for change

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Report highlights the weakness of the student vote in the general election

A study has highlighted how limitations in opinion poll methodology and the geographic dispersal of students resulted in their vote being weaker than expected in this year’s election

A University of Manchester Students' Union banner at an anti-fees protest in 2004. We haven't heard much from them recently. Photo: daggi @Flickr

A Union of apathy and failure

Apolitical, nonplussed, and too concerned with going to the Warehouse Project, Will Brown shows us why students need to get their act together—or face the consequences of apathy

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A response to the ‘crisis of apathy’

General secretary Grace Skelton responds to last week’s elections criticism, reminding you why you should vote

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‘Are a generation of young people right to give up on Westminster?’

Following the #idebate in Manchester last week, Alice Rigby and Charlotte Green debate whether or not young people should abandon Westminster as a way of creating political change

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Russell Brand is wrong, apathy does not engender revolution

Mark Twain once said, “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” I feel the frustration, but voting abstinence is not the path to utopia.