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Review: Avengers – Infinity War

“The perfect beginning of the end to a decade of film that I and many others hold very dear to our hearts”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Save the Date campaign: A great idea ruined by propaganda

With voter turnout remaining a prevalent issue in US politics, have we been using the power of celebrity and social media for good?

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Feature: Should we boycott Marvel?

With increasing numbers of people criticising the quality of the films, are the superhero movies by Marvel worth or time?

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TV Catch Up – Agents of Shield

Parizad Mangi tells us why we should be tracking the journey of Agent Coulson of Marvel’s Avengers from the big screen to the small screen

The Avengers brought together some already popular superheroes Photo: Marvel

It’s a small world: comic book movies in the age of shared continuity

Andrew Home looks at the state of current comic book movies

Marley was one of many documentaries released in 2012 Photo: Cowboy Films

Year In Film: 2012

Oscar Watkins looks at last year’s film landscape