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A brief history of Stephen Hawking

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet” – Professor Stephen Hawking

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In conversation with: Brian Cox

Professor Brian Cox reveals why he supports the UCU strikes and believes science is the antidote to authoritarianism

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Where Brian Cox has failed

Anti-vaxxers, climate change deniers, evolution skeptics: the way we deal with alternative facts is disconnected and impractical

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Review: The Infinite Monkey Cage

Megan Harvey reports on seeing the comedy science duo in front of a live audience at the Museum of Science & Industry

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Jodrell Bank blocks home development plans

Fears of increased signal pollution from new homes behind ruling against 120-home development

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Manchester ‘Walk of Fame’ honours city icons

The temporary ‘Walk of Fame’ installation marks the opening of a new bar

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Manchester Science Festival Explores the Funny Side of Dark Matter

The BBC’s Infinite Monkey Cage series recorded their latest episode at the Museum of Science and Industry in which they explored the unknown 95 per cent of the universe—dark energy and dark matter

Namazie is a long-term campaigner against Islamism and oppression. Photo: sjgibbs @Flickr

Warwick SU backs down on decision to block speech by secular activist

Under strong public pressure, Warwick University has reversed its controversial decision to block speaker


Review: Spamalot

Spamalot offered a lot of surrealist surprises and a hilarious evening, writes Matthew Gormley

RNCM's Concert Hall renovation is valued at  £3 million
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Brian Cox endorses £3 million RNCM campaign

Physicist Brian Cox has added his voice in support of RNCM’s renovation campaign