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TV Binge: Top Buzzer

James Lance and a young Stephen Graham star in this oddball comedy about two small-time weed dealers

Photo: The Mancunion

The scientist sacked by the government – in conversation with Professor David Nutt

Known for being sacked for comparing the harms of horse riding with taking ecstasy or cannabis, neuropsychopharmacologist Professor Nutt is the controversial scientist everyone is talking about

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Liberal Democrats seek to legalise cannabis

The Liberal Democrats are preparing to set up a panel that would discuss how a legal market for cannabis would operate

Using the Dark Web and untraceable bitcoin, the gang were able to order illicit substances by post. Photo: mattza @Flickr

Student drug kingpin jailed

Liam Reynolds and a gang of Leeds students ordered drugs from abroad using the Silk Road marketplace and sold them on to students

Paul Birch: "If people are consuming alcohol or drugs they should be doing it on an informed basis" Photo: CISTA

Interview: Paul Birch, founder of UK party for a review into cannabis law

The chair of CISTA, a party campaigning solely for a review into cannabis laws, speaks to News Editor Anna Phillips about the War On Drugs, cannabis in the media, and the vision of the UK’s future legalisation policy

Photo: Greater Manchester Police

120 arrested in Fallowfield crime initiative

A series of unannounced door-to-door visits in Fallowfield at the beginning of October saw over 100 known criminals located and arrested and £90000 worth of cannabis plants seized

Protestors light up at  a 4/20 rally. Credit: Flickr CannabisDestiny

Cannabis: The other side

Tim Harcourt-Powell tells the story of a student struggling with a major cannabis problem

Student pair's drug dealing and use sees them locked up

Salford students convicted of drug dealing

Class A, B, and C drugs found in Salford dorm room

Up to 2,000 cannabis plants were found in a disused pub in Salford Photo: Ryan Van Lenning

2,000 cannabis plants found in Salford pub

Greater Manchester Police have discovered 2,000 cannabis plants