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The devilish web

In times of such high political stakes, we need to move away from social media and onto the street in a more inclusive effort for change

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Is the sharing economy forcing us to share to survive?

Jessica Chow-Lau wades into the evils of the increasingly popular sharing economy

Are ticket touts playing an unfair game with legitimate fans? Photo: Brian Siewiorek @Flickr

Why it’s time to crack down on the touts

Luke Williams on why touting tickets is not legitimate capitalism and is in fact damaging the entertainment industry

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Student to set fire to loan in capitalism protest

In an attempt to highlight the debt that students are getting into, one art student plans a controversial project

Is Frida Kahlo the quintessential misappropriated icon? Photo: Charis Tsevis @Flickr

Frida Kahlo and the rebel commodity

Does consumer capitalism and modern feminism appropriate its icons wrongly? Madeleine Jones casts a critical eye over the use of Frida Kahlo merely as a fashionable image

Does capitalism work for all? Photo: SPACES gallery @Flickr

Why I love the market, and so should you

Colm Lock defends the market as a means to improve people’s lives the world over


Marketing: Who’s in control of what you spend?

With advertising and marketing more prevalent in our lives than ever before, we must ask: to what extent are we truly in control of our own expenditure?

Bob Crowe was, for many, the last bastion of Trade Unionism in the United Kingdom. Photo: Rob Phillips @ Flickr

Solidarity is the only way to protect our rights

The vilification of trade unions by the right-wing mainstream media shouldn’t stop us from realising their real value, and students should really be supporting them

Consumer culture stifles the very attributes we should strive for. Photo: Neil Girling @ Flickr

Consumerism is imprisoning us… in bars of freedom.

Consumerism is making us all crazy; Joe Evans has been unstrapped to tell us all why

Obama on stage at the Democrat's Chicago results event. 
Image: Obama for America

An American abroad: Obama’s re-election

With a Republican house, this American feels Obama has, and will continue to be a (relative) force for good.

Scapegoated: Peter Watt was the fall guy for the 'Donorgate' scandal, but remains eager for Labour to return to government

“We need to be painting big bright colours rather than writing in shades of grey”

Andrew Williams discusses Ed Miliband’s struggle to find a direction with former General Secretary of the Labour Party, Peter Watt

Defiant: an Occupy Wall Street protestor lets his poster do the talking

Occupy Everything

In the wake of the much-publicised Roscoe occupation, Jak Dyehouse assesses the rationale behind the seemingly unstoppable spread of occupations to cities across the world