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The music of politics

In light of striking political messages in the Grammy Award ceremony, should music be spared from overwhelming political opinions?

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When pop art met fashion

Following the recent opening of ‘Artist Rooms: Andy Warhol’ at The Whitworth Art Gallery, Deputy Fashion and Beauty Editor Sophie Soar ruminates upon Andy Warhol’s influence in fashion since the sixties

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The statement of status

Sophie Soar explores how celebrity outings prove the statement of status and denial of compromise from the red carpet to a night out

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The Save the Date campaign: A great idea ruined by propaganda

With voter turnout remaining a prevalent issue in US politics, have we been using the power of celebrity and social media for good?

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It is okay to care about Brad and Angelina’s divorce

We need a greater sense of balance between the serious and the trivial

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High-Fashion Hypocrisy

Sophie Soar takes us through time to investigate models and high-fashion

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A year of change for the LGBT community

Hannah McGrory reviews the monumental changes that 2015 has brought to the LGBT community and considers what the future holds in Manchester and beyond

While Madonna the brand doesn't look 56, Madonna the human is.

The harder they fall…

Joe Evans discusses the British public’s obsession with the falls, both metaphorical and literal, of celebrities and public figures in their five minutes of fame

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The changing image of sexy

Damilola Ade-Odiachi examines the way in which the meaning of ‘sexy’ has changed from the Renaissance period

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What’s in a name?

Beyoncé’s world tour to be called ‘The Mrs. Carter Show’. Independent woman no longer?

Confident: François Hollande's poll ratings seem to indicate that he will snatch the French presidency from Nicolas Sarkozy come May 2012

Stage set as France prepares to cast judgement on Sarkozy

Thomas Turner takes a look at the race to win the French presidency with less than six months until polling day