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Photo: Aliya Ismangil

Cafe in Chorlton considers going cashless

Barbecue, a coffee shop on Wilbraham Road, is to stop accepting cash payments completely

Photo: Miriam Mizzi

Review: Double Zero “00” Neapolitan Pizza

“Blown away by the taste and memories my starter had invoked, I couldn’t help but notice our fellow diners’ pizzas, exactly what anyone would hope for from a Neapolitan style pizzeria”

Photo: The Mancunion

Vintage beauty – not just for the elite

Think vintage beauty is an unattainable look? Think again!

Photo: Tapas San Juan

Bar San Juan

‘We were waved off by the kindly staff and set off on our journey back to the now less appealing Fallowfield’

Photo: The Beagle

Pub of The Week: The Beagle

Sam and Chaz check out the food and well as the beerin this recently revamped Chorlton pub.

These glorious little beans can be so much more than mere revision buddies. Photo: Stirling Noyes @Flickr

Preview: Chorlton Coffee Festival

Fed up of yawning despondently into a lonely campus coffee? This one’s for you

Residents and pool-goers held a flashmod outside the baths on 27th January. Photo: Joe
Sandler Clarke

Manchester’s Olympic legacy of sports facility closures

Plans to close Withington Baths and other local facilities have been met with strong opposition from the local community

Go on, enjoy a pie at Pi. Photo: Adam Bruderer @Flickr

Let me tell you about Chorlton

Are you sitting comfortably? Let Ben Walker watalk you through the culinary hot-spots of charming Chorlton

The Horse and Jockey pub in leafy Chorlton. Photo: University of Manchester


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