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Gender-neutral clothing

It is time that retailers innovated to be more inclusive of those who do not identify to gender binaries

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An Alternative History of Fashion: Costume in The Man in the High Castle

Sophie Billington discusses the alternative approach to post-war fashion in the hit series The Man in the High Castle

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Graduation Gratitude

Perisha Kudhail helps you look great when graduating

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Fashion Class of 2016

Congratulations! You have survived another year. Tell us a bit about your style

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Fashion face off: Denim vs Leather

We have all had to make that decision, so which side are you on? Kathryn Murray discusses the two staple choices for spring jackets

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Re-wardrobing your wardrobe

Sarah Kilcourse helps you recycle your wardrobe to stay on trend

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Lost skills in fashion: Knitting

Perisha Kudhail gets woolly with knitting

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DIY Fashion

Sophie Soar tells us how to DIY, changing the life of every fashion conscious student forever

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My Style Diary

Sarah Kilcourse gives us a peak at her wardrobe as we follow her style for five days

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High-Fashion Hypocrisy

Sophie Soar takes us through time to investigate models and high-fashion

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Shopping in Manchester

Sarah Kilcourse takes us through time to explore the evolution of Manchester as a shopping destination

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Noughties Nostalgia

Rebecca Thomas takes a look back at the popular fashion and beauty trends that were definitive of the early 2000s