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The SPD have a choice: radical reform or terminal decline

Either become a party-of-the-people à la Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour or drift into irrelevance

Burntwood School, Wandsworth. Photo: Cabinet Office @Flickr

Stirling Prize: Substance over Style

This year’s award sidelines swanky style for the art of collaboration

Russia and Iran are shielding Assad in Syria. Photo: Freedom House @Flickr

Russia’s impact in the war in the Middle East

Alexander Lovatt looks at how Russian involvement in Syria could change the face of the conflict


Willetts promises ‘more cash per student’

“Total funding for higher education is increasing”, says Universities Minister

Dial M for Motown: Watson prepares to dazzle the crowd with some Motown classics

‘If it wasn’t for Ed Miliband, we would never have uncovered the phone hacking scandal’

Andrew Williams meets Labour Shadow Cabinet minister and News International tormentor-in-chief, Tom Watson

Manchester Metropolitan University

Universities ‘still advertising vacancies’ days before term starts

‘Prestigious’ universities still advertising places for over 13,500 courses

"A Budget for growth": Osborne hailed a 5 percent cut in the top rate of tax in last weeks' Budget

Why Osborne was right to drop the 50p tax rate

The Chancellor was right to cut the top rate of tax in last weeks’ controversial Budget, Charlie Sherriff argues

"We're all in this together": will Cameron's catchphrase of choice come back to haunt him?

Society under siege

Reforms to healthcare, education and the welfare state are an attack on the fabric of our society, writes Joe Earle

'Look into my crystal ball': it's the future (possibly)

Five political predictions for 2012

Dust off your crystal ball, don your Mystic Meg wig, and prepare to swallow some wild speculation – here’s 2012 before it happens

Revolution: The Arab Spring provided some of the most iconic images of 2011

Here’s to you, 2011

Riots in Britain and revolution abroad – it’s been a turbulent year in politics. Andrew Williams looks back, and asks what might be in store for the year ahead

Future Squats of Manchester

Squatters are not criminals

Government proposals to criminalise squatting are needlessly cruel – especially in the context of a housing crisis in an era of rampant unemployment

Optimistic: Khan predicts a bright future for Labour under Ed Miliband

Sadiq Khan event gives Labour faithful reason to be cheerful

Thomas Turner, James Broadway and Louis Raffin consider the future of Labour in light of their recent conference and a worrying lack of confidence in the party leader