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Photo: Wikimedia Commons @ John Warwick Brooke The work of the Chinese Labour Corps, recruited by the British military in WWI, was largely forgotten. They were seen as a source of cheap labour by the British.

Britain’s war amnesia

Is it too late to remember the sacrifices of Britain’s Colonial soldiers?

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Racial identity in Southeast Asia as a modern social construct

Exploitative and divisive ideologies around race are a tool of power – just take a look at Southeast Asia

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Ignored Histories: Empire in Education with Anindita Ghosh

As we continue our theme of black history month, this week Ellie Tivey talks to UoM senior lecturer Anindita Ghosh to discuss why history classrooms around the country are severely lacking in education on colonialism and how this is affecting our understandings of the world

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‘God save the Queen’ stands in the way of progress

Recent protests against national anthems and flags in the United States should inspire Brits to the causes of discriminated peoples at home

The Queen Victoria statue at Royal Holloway. Photo: Ian Taylor

Royal Mess Up: Papers misreport anti-racism campaign

Amidst a range of campaigns denouncing universities’ colonial pasts, several papers misreported an anti-racism campaign at Royal Holloway University

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The acquisitions of empire

Colm Lock proposes that it is time to stop hanging onto the past regarding our imperial history