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Advice column 1

Head Lifestyle Editor Rachel Adams is here to answer your questions and offer you some advice with your problems

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A student life: UOM Board Games Society

Meet Jon Bebb, one Philosophy student finding the time to balance a PhD with his contrasting role as Social Sec for the UOM Board Games Society

Photo: North Tea Power


Andrew mixes things up and heads to North Tea Power for this week’s Coffee Column

Paul Hardcastle's no stranger to politics. Photo: gluewho666 @flickr

Music and Politics – What’s going on?

Does politics have a place in music? Tom Ingham thinks so

The Greatest pop band ever? Photo: Will UK @flickr

Column: Talk About, Pop Music

What exactly is pop? Is Pop associated with a certain era? Tom Ingham takes a look

star wars

John Williams: The man behind the music

Following his recent Oscar nod, we take a look at the film score maestro’s road to legendary status

The Postal Service's reunion is set to be of more than just financial worth

Column: Why Look Back in Anger?

Not every nostalgic reunion has to be viewed as a cynical cash-in

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Column: Manchester, so much to answer for

The Courteeners are back with a new record – and continue to personify everything wrong with present-day Manchester music

The modern look for the acoustic

Column: From finger-picking folkies to fashionable frauds

Tom Ingham explores the acoustic guitar’s decline, from folk revivalist weapon to X-Factor accessory

The Take Over, The Break’s Over

Fall Out Boy become the latest band to join in the reunion fever, James Birtles investigates their motives

Fleetwood Mac

Never Going Back Again

Why is our hunger for nostalgia sharper than ever in 2013? Tom Ingham investigates


‘Mafia Twitter trolls’ and my morbid obsession with celeb gossip

One Direction’s ‘extremist’ fans, medieval tweets and Taylor Swift’s boyfriends