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Corbyn the ‘communist spy’ is another smear to add to the Tory collection

The right-wing media in Britain is a parody of itself. Hysterical and abusive, it shamelessly misleads the British public.

Terry Robinson

Carillion’s dirty papers

Parliament voted to release the government’s risk assessments of Carillion… and they are devastating

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The Conservatives need a new Iron Lady

Theresa May will be our next PM but must be more assertive and direct, like Thatcher, if she is to succeed at the country’s helm

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Cameron’s reforms are a distraction from greater issues

Tristan Parsons suggests that Cameron’s victory over a reformed relationship with the EU is merely distracting from far bigger issues

HM Prison Manchester - commonly known as Strangeways. Photo: Mikey @Flickr

Can Cameron truly scale the wall of prison reform?

Ed John discusses the limitations of Cameron’s proposed prison reform and the overlooked issues that will only perpetuate themselves

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Will the new generation discredit the Left?

After a few ugly incidents soured the press coverage of anti-Conservative protests, George Bolton argues that the new, young left must not discredit itself as a credible movement

Thousands of people marched from the University to Castlefield in protest at the staging of the Conservative party conference. Photo: Daniel Saville

Who protested the Tory Conference?

The Conservative party conference saw tens of thousands take to the streets in protest. Daniel Saville joined the protestors and asked why they were getting involved

Natalie Bennett

Natalie Bennett speaks of the insanity of nuclear weapons

Natalie Bennett tells The Mancunion about her fears of Trident, her views of Sunday’s National Demonstration, and her hopes for the future

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Tory cocktail party cancelled due to protest

A planned cocktail party for the Conservative Party at Chancellors Hotel has been cancelled after students announce plans to protest against the event

The presentation of the election doesn't seek to inform us, so it's up to us to fight ignorance. Photo: Liberal Democrats @Flickr

Vote for policies, not personalities

Exercising our democratic rights is fundamental to getting the kind of government we deserve. It’s easy to get caught up in the leaders’ rhetoric or be overwhelmed by the amount of information available, but we can hold our politicians to account by voting on the 7th of May

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Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013

No politician is perfect, no policy perfect, but in Thatcher’s case the damage caused is difficult to justify.

Carswell: "They talk about austerity, but on what planet is spending £108 billion more than you take in tax every year austerity."

Carswell: the man who is fighting politics, and winning

‘Dreadful, ill-qualified and parasitic’ politicians have contributed to the end of politics, Douglas Carswell MP tells Andrew Williams.