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Some students find counselling service to be inadequate

Students report unprofessionalism and poor advice from the University of Manchester’s counselling service

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Interview: Izzy Gurbuz – Wellbeing Officer

We spoke to Izzy about mental health and Food on Campus

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How to cope with anxiety at university

If you suffer with anxiety at university, you’re not alone and there are so many services that can help you to manage it whilst completing your studies

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Stress: let’s talk about it

Struggling with stress? Don’t worry, Qiarna Bondswell is here with some top tips to help you tackle your stress head-on, and enjoy university life at the same time

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Your wellbeing at university matters

With mental illness on the rise, it’s more important than ever to look after your wellbeing. Here’s how to get help both within the University and outside it

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University cut Counselling course which “doesn’t bring in enough money”

Students express serious concern after the closure of a course that provides a large amount of voluntary mental health care to the city

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Increasing number of stressed students

As pressure on students increases, the number of people seeking counselling for serious issues is rising

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Where’s your head at?

With Freshers over, Gemma Sowerby takes you through why and how you should be looking after yourself and your mental health in first year and beyond

Six places to go to if you have questions or concerns about sex. Photo: ​Jean Koulev @Flickr

Sexual health and sexual help at university

Sexually active? These services will offer help such as contraception, advice and information.

It's not as easy as just "snapping out of it." Photo: Rupert Ganzer @Flickr

Depression: even students having the best time ever suffer from it

Depression doesn’t just happen to people in bad situations. Robert Firth describes how Will, a popular and clever student, struggled with the illness alone.

"Resilience" has been shown to contribute towards good grades in women, but the trend in men has been quite different. Photo: jjpacres @Flickr

Female students more ‘psychologically resilient’

In comparison to men, women with ‘resilience’ are much more likely to get a first or 2:1 in their first year than those without

Remember to always consult your GP directly if you have any health concerns

Ask Keir: Alcohol dependency

This week… Keir tackles the misuse of alcohol