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The Dating Dilemma

For those facing the first-date wardrobe dilemma, we are weighing in on our favourite outfit statements for the WOW factor

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Relationship status: It’s complicated

Dating, one night stands, hook ups, booty calls, randoms and flings. Finding love is more complicated than ever

Marie's Luxy profile

Single, poor and on Luxy

What is it really like to use the luxury dating app?

Will someone always be wanting revenge? Photo: Louish Pixel @Flickr

Is it okay to date an ex’s friend?

Is it the ultimate betrayal or can it make you deal with things more maturely? Perisha Kudhail talks to Ben and Bella, who have very different views on the issue

Louis and Flo get up close and personal in Fallow Cafe. Photo: Peter Chinnock.

Blind Date

Flo and Louis had their first encounter in first year. What happens when they unexpectedly meet again on a blind date?

Help, I’m a traditionalist!

Are you an Elizabeth or a Jane?

The awkwardness of dating

First date panic? Molly Allen comes to the rescue