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Is Clinton feeling the Bern?

Jack Hughes asks whether Hilary Clinton is feeling the heat as the race for the democratic nomination hots up

Just some of the Democratic candidates. Photo: DonkeyHotey @Flickr.

Slashing the status quo, and Hillary Clinton’s lead

From Long Island, Coby Tunnicliffe gives his view on the state of the Democratic nomination race and if this is the beginning of the end for Hillary Clinton

Obama on stage at the Democrat's Chicago results event. 
Image: Obama for America

An American abroad: Obama’s re-election

With a Republican house, this American feels Obama has, and will continue to be a (relative) force for good.

Election night party at the Burlington Society, 2008
Picture - Matty Major

An American abroad: the presidential election

An American war veteran’s perspective on the presidential election

Nick Clegg speaking at last years conference. Photo: Liberal Democrats

5 songs in the field of: the Lib Dem Conference

Joe Goggins suggests the soundtrack to this year’s Liberal Democrat party conference

Satire: Stewart is hungry for political cannon fodder

My Political Hero: Jon Stewart

The Daily Show host has proved to be a long-overdue thorn in the side of the Washington establishment