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Should dopers be accepted back into sport?

Maria Sharapova is back in tennis after a 15 month suspension but her return has met fierce criticism

Photo: Patrick Blower

Should doping be legalised?

With many modern athletes gaining an advantage from doping, James Blower discusses whether legalising doping should be an option

Sir Bradley Wiggins racing in 2012. Photo: Laurie Beyler @Flickr

What are TUEs?

Alex Whitcomb explains what Therapeutic Use Exemptions are and why recent leaks of athletes’ TUE use have caused so many problems

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Sport is becoming a bit of a dope

Will Kelly suggests its the administrators of sporting organisations that really need those performance enhancing drugs…

Banned Russian Athlete Yuliya Zaripova Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Russian doping must be a wakeup call for professional sport

Alex Whitcomb looks into the potential consequences of the largest doping scandal in history