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11 PM booze ban proposed for the Ancoats area

The early curfew for licensed venues is an attempt to make the area more resident friendly

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How to detox after a heavy weekend

Sophia Macpherson discusses natural remedies to help your unavoidable post-weekend hangover

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Preview: The Tequila Festival is coming to Manchester

Salt and limes at the ready!

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The half-empty promise of Dry January

Elliott Mills takes a stern look into the pint glass with a precise analysis of the merits, difficulties, and confusions of Dry January

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The Manchester Vegan Beer Fest

He started home brews at 16

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The student trump card

Perisha Kudhail explores the many aspects that characterise student life which are unacceptable in the real world

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University isn’t the problem

David Brierley argues that the blame for the ever-present problems of stress and depression cannot be so easily laid on the apparent ‘University Lifestyle’

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Teetotallers have it harder at university.

With drunken Freshers’ week antics now over, Robert Firth takes a look at what university life is like for students who don’t drink.

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Freshers to spend £200 on alcohol in first week alone

Freshers at universities across the country are to spend over £200 in their first week on alcohol alone.

A student downs a pint for a 'neknomination' in a lecture theatre at University of Leeds  Photo: Tom Platt @Youtube

Students perform ‘neknominations’ during lectures

In one case a student dressed up as Robin in a University of Manchester politics lecture


Introducing Neukolln

As an amateur of wine, being invited to review a new and upcoming Berliner-inspired bar did seem to be an odd choice before I realized…

Takeaways are one of the main reasons for students gaining weight.

Average student gains two stone in first year

The weight gain has been linked to study stress, unhealthy eating and binge drinking