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Exclusive student night at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

The most fun you’ll have since freshers (minus the hangover)

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To the sober student

Aneesa Piracha describes how she navigates her social life as a sober student at university

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11 PM booze ban proposed for the Ancoats area

The early curfew for licensed venues is an attempt to make the area more resident friendly

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How to detox after a heavy weekend

Sophia Macpherson discusses natural remedies to help your unavoidable post-weekend hangover

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Preview: The Tequila Festival is coming to Manchester

Salt and limes at the ready!

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The half-empty promise of Dry January

Elliott Mills takes a stern look into the pint glass with a precise analysis of the merits, difficulties, and confusions of Dry January

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The Manchester Vegan Beer Fest

He started home brews at 16

We all know how this feels. Photo: CollegeDegrees360 @Flickr

The student trump card

Perisha Kudhail explores the many aspects that characterise student life which are unacceptable in the real world

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University isn’t the problem

David Brierley argues that the blame for the ever-present problems of stress and depression cannot be so easily laid on the apparent ‘University Lifestyle’

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Teetotallers have it harder at university.

With drunken Freshers’ week antics now over, Robert Firth takes a look at what university life is like for students who don’t drink.

A typical student kitchen sink. Photo: Alejandro Gordo @Flickr

Freshers to spend £200 on alcohol in first week alone

Freshers at universities across the country are to spend over £200 in their first week on alcohol alone.

A student downs a pint for a 'neknomination' in a lecture theatre at University of Leeds  Photo: Tom Platt @Youtube

Students perform ‘neknominations’ during lectures

In one case a student dressed up as Robin in a University of Manchester politics lecture