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Photo: Daisy Tolcher

We love Turtle Bay’s rum collection

With other 40 different rums on offer, Turtle Bay is the place to go

Risotto Aragosta at Don Giovanni

Review: Don Giovanni

A half-price season brought crowds to Don Giovanni, but did quality get lost in the rush?

The author having way too much fun with fire. Photo Credit: Author

Mixing things up at Black Dog NWS

Stanley Johnson drinks some tasty cocktails at the launch of the new range of masterclasses at Black Dog NWS

Jacksons's Boat. Photo: Adam Bruderer @Flickr

Pub of the week: Jackson’s Boat

Sam & Charlie review another South Manchester pub for those looking to try a new drinking venue.

Photo: Paul Hughes

Pub of the Week: The Railway, Didsbury

Sam Joyce and Charlie Filmer-Court review their Pub of the Week, The Railway in Didsbury

With January over, treat yourself to a New York Sour

Dry January: road to perdition or salvation?

Have you slogged through a booze-free start to the year, or has January started where December left off?

Photo: Martha Stewart

Christmas Party Drinks

It’s nearly time to open the first chocolate in your advent calendar! It’s not just me who still gets one, right? And that means the…

Suntory Time

Top 5 Movie Drinks

This Freshers’ Week there is a high chance you might drink some alcohol, so why not use that opportunity to get really cinematic?

And they're not all alcoholic! Photo: edenza @Flickr

12 Drinks of Christmas

Trust us, there’s a Christmas drink to suit every mood

Food & Drink Editors' choice of cocktail at Wählbar - a very fine espresso martini


Wälhbar is a beacon of hope amongst the bars of Fallowfield

This shit is bananas. Photo: Jessica Hardiman


We sent Alexandra Williams to check out Gorilla, a brand spanking new gin parlour

Ask for a Screwball cocktail or an exotic beer Photo: Lisa Murgatroyd

Oxford Road Pub Guide

Find out what the best drinks are and where to find them, be you fresher or veteran