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Review: Snowden

Snowden successfully brings forward the issue of personal sacrifice for a greater good

Cornelia Parker's Magna Carta (An Embroidery) Photo: The Mancunion

Cornelia Parker tells Manchester to rise up in a “call to arms”

As the University of Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery wins multiple national awards, renowned artist Corneila Parker tells Manchester students to rise up and fight for their future

Snowden could hold the position from Russia.

Glasgow students nominated Snowden – who should Manchester pick?

As Glasgow Students nominate Edward Snowden, Sam Dumitriu looks at the history of the position of university rector across the UK

Snowden could hold the position from Russia.

Snowden stands for Glasgow Uni election

The former NSA agent has been nominated for the position of student rector

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We live in a surveillance state and no one cares

Charlotte Green questions why we are happy to allow the state to violate our civil liberties in the name of our protection