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Facebook as a platform for cyber poaching

As the world’s largest social media site reached two billion members in 2017, concerns rise surrounding its use for illegal wildlife trading

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Shakira Martin faces allegations of bullying

Shakira has allegedly described Campaigns Officer Deej Malik-Johnson as her enemy

Alex Tayler (Image: University of Manchester Students' Union)

Interview: Alex Tayler

Alex Tayler answers our questions on the SU’s refurbishment, the recent All Students Vote, and local student Facebook groups

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Fallowfield Students Group launch landlord blacklist

Students can rate their landlord one to five star rating and there is a landlord blacklist with the name of landlords with reported frequent problems

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How social media is sculpting politics

The combination of constant encounter with (often shallow) political views on social media platforms and recurring political shocks is shaping the politics of the younger generation

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Is ‘relatable’ online content homogenising us?

Our emotional and expressive capacities are changing the age of the meme

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Our freedom is in peril at the hands of online saboteurs

Censorship of more right-wing views on online platforms must be confronted if we are to properly engage in debate


Our Internet window to the world is shrinking

David Moseley argues that social media is limiting our perception of the news and the world as a whole


UCD uncovers revenge porn Facebook group

A Facebook group that consists of 200 Agricultural Science students who swap nude photos of girls, and stories of their one night stands has been exposed by a student newspaper

Are we becoming desensitised to the dangers of the internet?Photo: Franco Bouly @Flickr

Oversharing and Generation Facebook

With uploading every aspect of our lives onto the internet becoming more normalized, Cecilia Bicknell paints a dystopian view of our oversharing habits.

Fuse FM get some much needed exposure. Photo: RAG Naked Calendar

Manchester students get cheeky for charity: The 2015 naked calendar is here!

The RAG naked calendar makes a spectacular return in time for Christmas.

With the overbearing presence of new media breathing down its neck the lifespan of print seems limited. Photo: Pimthida @Flickr

I love the smell of paper in the morning

Nowadays we choose cheap thrills over classic knowledge; the book must not die