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The Oscars 2018: Fashion

Sophie Walsh gives a roundup of the couture seen on the red carpet at last week’s Oscars

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Editors’ style file

Talia Lee-Skudder, Fashion and Beauty Editor, shares her fashion thoughts for the last issue of The Mancunion

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Editors’ farewell – style notes

Deputy Fashion & Beauty Editor Amy Nguyen says goodbye in the way she knows best — through her fantastic sense of style

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Fashion profile of the week: The Kamani family

Ella Searle delves into the story behind the Kamani family, Manchester’s very own retail tycoons

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Fashion Profile of the Week: The Kamani Family

The Kamani’s fashion empire is a true rags-to-riches story, and it all started in Manchester

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Lacoste X Save Our Species

Lacoste join the emerging group of brands seeking to raise awareness of environmental issues

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Reconstruct Collective: union in uniqueness

An extra-terrestrial dream team aiming to revolutionise the fashion world

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Riccardo Tisci replaces Christopher Bailey at Burberry

What will this mean for the brand’s appeal to ‘Britishness’?

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Navigating sexuality as a Muslim woman

Muslim women living in the West, and indeed all women, can find strength through their personal definition of beauty

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Design disasters lead to H & M controversy

H & M continue to generate controversy through blunders in the design of their clothes

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Talita Von Furstenberg unveiled as her Grandmother DVF’s new muse

Talita Von Furstenberg’s appointment marks a new age in millennial fashion for the brand, writes Fashion and Beauty Editor Talia Lee-Skudder

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Alexander McQueen: eight years on

Eight years on from Alexander McQueen’s death, Rona McCann writes how his legacy lives on through the creative direction of his successor Sarah Burton