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Ruth Barker, Circle Work, 2015. Performance. Photography by Christopher MacInnes. Courtesy of the Agency

Review: Ruth Barker and Hannah Leighton-Boyce

Castlefield Gallery holds a major two person exhibit exploring an encounter between the quotidian, ancient world, and contemporary Britain

Photo: Artwork by Izzy Rooke-Ley

Writing ‘The Female Sex (Education)’

Creator of ‘’ Instagram account, Izzy Rooke-Ley, explains the importance of presenting an educative platform dedicated to female sexuality and sexual pleasure

Photo: fnord80 @Flickr

Feminism: Challenging inequality or pernicious social engineering?

Feminism is nothing but a subversive blaming mechanism setting women against men and it does not adequately address gender inequalities

Photo: Columbia Pictures

We need to talk about: female masturbation

Molly Allen gets to grips with the taboo subject of female masturbation

Photo: Voxphoto @Flickr

Top tips for living harmoniously with the opposite sex

Just moved in with the opposite sex? Kitty Treverton Jones has some advice to avoid arguments

"Resilience" has been shown to contribute towards good grades in women, but the trend in men has been quite different. Photo: jjpacres @Flickr

Female students more ‘psychologically resilient’

In comparison to men, women with ‘resilience’ are much more likely to get a first or 2:1 in their first year than those without