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Britain's biggest student newspaper


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Speed running

A quick history of the subculture

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Valve Cracks Down on Metabombing

The Corporation Strikes Back

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Review: Destiny 2

Has Bungie delivered on their ambitious vision?

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Loading, ready, run

While the US was being lorded over by the Atari 2600, the UK, and most of Europe was getting involved in the home computer


Pangaea: Level 10 – Costume Competition

Who will be crowned champion and make it to the next level?

Gaming Arcade. Photo: Vivienne Gucwa @Flickr

If on a Winter’s Night a Gamer

Matthew Cole pretentiously channels Italo Calvino in an attempt to express the reasons why we play games.

The Capital Wasteland. Photo: Pakoe_ @Flickr

Leaving the Vault

Matthew Cole relives the magical ten seconds of Fallout 3

Generic image displaying our interconnectedness. Photo: Terra Nova @Flickr

My Double Life Online

Matthew Cole puts a romantic spin on the act of befriending clammy freaks on the web.

Heroine Samus Aran flaunts her power stance. Photo: PictureTrivia @Flickr

Retro Corner: Metroid Prime

Matthew Cole leaps and morph-balls through the GameCube classic.

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Review: Hohokum

Does this indie title plummet or soar?

The Knife of Dunwall © Arkane Media

Review – Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall

Knife of Dunwall offers three new missions for Dishonored, are they up to scratch?


Preview – Star Trek

Will Star Trek boldly go where no film tie-in has gone before?