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Reconstruct Collective: union in uniqueness

An extra-terrestrial dream team aiming to revolutionise the fashion world

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Gender-neutral clothing

It is time that retailers innovated to be more inclusive of those who do not identify to gender binaries

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Feminist reflections on International Women’s Day

A reflection on 2017’s International Women’s Day, what it means for feminism, and how it can help us reflect on the fight for gender equality

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Live: Peaches

The transgressive art-pop legend brought her critically acclaimed show to Manchester, whipping audiences into a frenzy — Jack Ashworth bares all

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Battle of the sexes: can men handle the contraceptive heat?

A recent study into male contraceptive injections was halted when men displayed side effects such as acne, weight gain, muscle pain and mood swings and it seems women are not happy about it

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Women in Media Conference

On the weekend preceding International Women’s Day 2016, the Manchester Media Group are hosting our inaugural Women In Media Conference

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Fashion and fluidity

Have gender norms in fashion history ever swapped around? Rebecca Thomas investigates

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What drag taught me about identity

“Express yourself, don’t repress yourself.” Kyle Zabawa turns his attention to what he learned from some unlikely icons with hearts almost as big as their hairpieces

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10 reasons why the gender pay gap matters to you

What you should know about the gender pay gap and why it’s a bigger problem than you might think…

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Patriarchy vs. Matriarchy

Grace Iona Annesley-Mair casts a critical eye over offensive comments made by prominent feminist Germaine Greer

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The gender gap worsens at university

For another year the gap between men and women entering higher education gets bigger, with women being a third more likely to enter university than men and dominate subjects including Medicine, Biology and Law

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Feminism: Challenging inequality or pernicious social engineering?

Feminism is nothing but a subversive blaming mechanism setting women against men and it does not adequately address gender inequalities