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High salaries not key to retaining graduates, survey suggests

According to students and recent graduates, pay-rate is not as important as training and potential for promotion

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Job interviews: How to get hired

Battled your way through the endless paperwork and found yourself facing a terrifying job interview soon? Relax and read our top tips for nailing the interview and getting that dream job

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Finding a job at university

Struggling to find a job whilst at uni? Not sure where to look? We’ve put together a list of three of the best places to start your job hunt

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How to nail a job interview in 2017

Debut CEO Charlie Taylor gives The Mancunion his best job interview tips for new graduates

Olivia Palermo is the epitome of stylish work attire
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Work it

Rebecca Thomas teaches you how to swap Fallowfield chic for the world of the work place wardrobe

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Do I have to wear a suit?

Intimidated by the big bad world of workwear? Here are some pointers

Fernando French Publishing (2012)

Review – Isn’t It Pretty To Think So, by Nick Miller

Nick Miller’s debut novel treads familiar, if not unwelcome, territory

The Sunset Sleeps 3

Review: The Sunset Sleeps

Anthony Steel reviews University of Manchester graduate Alex Browning’s debut short film

Demand for graduates in the job market has risen according to a report. Photo: University of Manchester

Demand for graduates up – slightly

0.1 percent increases in graduate employment rate, private spending