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Fifth of Greater Manchester Police PCs run on Windows XP

The city’s police force also saw little risk in revealing this information in responding to the BBC’s Freedom of Information request

Photo: West Midlands Police @ Flickr

Greater Manchester Police “inadequate” at recording crime

The city’s police force fails to record 15 per cent of crime reported to it

Photo: Facebook, Harry Bartlett

Body of missing Manchester student found on Oxford Road construction site

The body of missing University of Manchester student Charlie Bartlett has been found just off Oxford Road

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Two dead in Withington house fire

A Withington house fire has left two dead and has sparked a police investigation

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Tweeting on the beat

Music editor Henry Scanlan spends a night on patrol with Greater Manchester Police and learns about the efforts that go into keeping vulnerable students safe

Photo: The Mancunion

Christmas markets evacuated in “stupid and silly” hoax bomb scare

A 19-year-old man remains in custody for claiming a ‘package’ had been left in the Albert Square Christmas markets

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Thousands of pounds stolen from Withington café Fuel

Police are searching for information after robbers break in to Fuel cafe bar in Withington, stealing the weekend’s takings

Jeremy Corbyn has mobilised his supporters but is their passionate outpouring being misrepresented? Photo: Chris Beckett @ Flickr

Violence on the Left: The Great Eggs-aggeration

With isolated acts of violence tainting the media’s response to the anti-Tory protests, Ed John looks at just how one-sided the coverage has been

Burglary and theft will never be eradicated, but there is a lot we can do to keep our stuff safe. Photo: thomashawk @Flickr

How to beat the burglar

A little sound advice on what’s in place at university and in the community to keep your possessions in your possession

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Student sentenced for grooming girls on the Internet

A 19-year-old student has been sentenced for grooming young girls from the Wigan area online, whilst posing as a modelling agent

GMP have been working alongside Manchester Airport over the past 12 months to prevent instances of FGM occurring over the summer holidays. Photo: Vit Brunner @Flickr

GMP work to prevent Female Genital Mutilation in Manchester communities

In light of the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, Greater Manchester Police raise awareness of their work within the community to put an end to the practice

Factory 251. Photo: Matthew Ireland.

Pickpocket arrested in Factory 251 had eight mobile phones hidden in trousers

A pickpocket has been arrested after being found in Factory with eight mobile phones hidden down his trousers