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Top tips for taking care of your well-being

With ‘Wellbeing Week’ here, student advisor, Vicki Greenwood, offers some simple steps to feeling good

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‘Clean Eating’ – A Food Fad Gone Wrong?

Some of the biggest foodies of our time are turning their ethos’ on their head, but, how serious are the bad claims against ‘clean eating’?

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Panel Discussion for World Mental Health Day

A look into the panel discussion event held by Manchester Open Mind Network for World Mental Health Day

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We need to talk about the elephant in the room

For many, the university lifestyle has the potential to significantly impact their mental health with 1 in 5 students considering themselves to have a mental health problem. We need to reduce the stigma attached to mental health so that people who need it feel more comfortable seeking help

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You’ll never walk alone

Recent news stories have drawn attention to the issue of student safety in Manchester. It’s an issue we cannot dismiss, says Moya Crockett

A charity run is a great motivator for exercise. Photo: Lee Nixon (Flickr)

Feeling fit for the summer

Sunshine means showing some skin. Amy Bowden gives her exercise tips on feeling fit, healthy and confident this spring and summer

Unrealistic diets - the worst kind of New Year's Resolutions. Photo: Alan Cleaver @ Flickr

The problem with New Year’s Resolutions

It’s always tempting to dream big at the beginning of a New Year. But do New Year’s Resolutions actually make you feel worse in the long run?