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Push Doctor launches grant for medical students

Students studying at UK universities can now apply for cash grants from the digital healthcare brand

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Inspiring Women at The University of Manchester

As part of International Women’s Day, the University of Manchester held an event to celebrate the achievements of its alumni in healthcare and to discuss the challenges that still exist

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Preview: MedX Future of Healthcare conference

Manchester healthcare innovation start-up, ReThinkX, is to hold their 3rd annual MedX Future of Healthcare conference on 25th March

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Is single-payer healthcare the answer for America?

Jessica Chow-Lau on why there are other, more workable alternative for America other than a single payer healthcare system

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A decentralised NHS would be better for all

Ryan Khurana argues for the advantages of a completely decentralised NHS where local areas would be free to target healthcare provision directly to their needs

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Medical Students Left Out of Contract Negotiations

Medical students feel their voices are not being heard in the attempt to reject changes to the contracts of junior doctors, but it isn’t stopping them from trying to make a change

"We're all in this together": will Cameron's catchphrase of choice come back to haunt him?

Society under siege

Reforms to healthcare, education and the welfare state are an attack on the fabric of our society, writes Joe Earle