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How to cope with anxiety at university

If you suffer with anxiety at university, you’re not alone and there are so many services that can help you to manage it whilst completing your studies

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Ways to relieve anxiety

Taking care of your own mental health is important — here are some ways to manage anxiety whilst waiting for professional help

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Your wellbeing at university matters

With mental illness on the rise, it’s more important than ever to look after your wellbeing. Here’s how to get help both within the University and outside it

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In this article, I am going to talk about…

Already feeling stressed over essays and exams? Never fear, Cachella Smith is here to give some tips on how to write that perfect essay, and how to keep your stress levels down in the meantime

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Feeding the streets for a fiver

Food Editor Ellie Gibbs addresses the political power of food and the real difference it can make to lives, something we may take for granted when tucking into our luxury restaurant dinner courses



Ultimately, the most basic human instinct is to survive, but sometimes we forget that our greatest enemy is ourselves

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Ivy Church: Providing students with a friendly face

When you feel like you have nowhere left to turn, Ivy Church is there to help

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Ask Kitty

This week our resident lifestyle guru Kitty Treverton Jones deals with relationship worries and teatime tantrums

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It’s a date!

Struggling for ideas this Valentine’s? No fear, Beth Currall has your date night sorted, whatever kind of valentine you are this year

"In a modern-day, multi-cultural and secular society, do we really need the Church?"  Photo: Matthew_Hartley @Flickr

Long live the Audacious Church

Lauren Wills defends the role of the Church as an organisation committed to helping the helpless

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Photo: Get Baked

Dream Job: Entrepreneur

Follow in the footsteps of ‘Get Baked’ creator Richard Myers

Moving away from home can be a daunting experience Photo: N Bojdo 2010

Student 101: home sweet home

Final year student Lucy Firth gives advice about living away from home