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Rewind: This week in music history

Hannah Brierley takes you back to look through some of the music worlds highs and lows of the past in this week in music history

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Review: Object Lessons

Manchester Museum celebrates art and science through its new collection of curiosities

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Stop crying Hitler

David Moseley draws upon reactions from both ends of the political spectrum to argue that we must be more acute in our historical comparisons

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A tale of two globalisations

Recent populist movements that have elected Donald Trump and led to Brexit display a need to expand our vocabulary when speaking of globalisation

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Pro-EU intellectuals must speak out

Intelligence continues to be feared by the political elite, as demonstrated by some of those campaigning for a ‘hard’ Brexit

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How about decolonisation ‘debates’ fall down, instead?

Arguments about the decolonisation of higher education courses have reached a new low, with the suggestion that science is racist

Wonder Materials 'glittering graphene'

Preview: Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond

A new exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry tells the story of graphene and its seemingly unstoppable potential

History FC

Campus Sport: a focus on History FC and Netball

A look at History’s football and netball teams

Victoria Brignell in the studio. Photo: John McCafferty

Interview: In Our Time producer Victoria Brignell

Victoria Brignell is a producer of BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time. We talked about the programme’s role in academia, access to a career in the media, and the future of Radio 4

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Opinion: Baroque-ing All Over The World?

Stephen Miller looks at why challenging the tonal status quo is just what we need

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What is your course stereotype?

What does your degree say about you? Kitty Treverton Jones explores the stereotypes from a selection of university courses

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We need to talk about deadlines

Charlotte Green argues that prioritising logistics over student interests has negatively impacted final year Politics students