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Feature: Interview with director Martin Radich

The film is now playing in UK cinemas—we sat down with the Director to get to grips with the film’s essence

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Dorm Sweet Dorm: Decorating to fight homesickness

Arriving at The University of Manchester is as exhilarating as it is emotionally challenging. Here are a few ways to decorate your dorm room to boost your mood and battle homesickness

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Welcome to Manchester’s Art Scene

A round up of the finest art hubs Manchester has to offer

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Top 5: Cheap places to watch films in Manchester

Arrived in Manchester and want to get your film fix without breaking the budget? Here’s how

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Meet the new film editors

The new film editors welcome you to their section and encourage everyone to get involved

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Review: Endgame

Coronation Street staples David Nielson and Chris Gascoyne take on Beckett’s Endgame at HOME

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Review: Macbeth

HOME’s new interpretation of the Shakespeare classic Macbeth casts a dystopian setting against the violent play

Katherine Carlton (middle), who plays Meggie with school girls Maya Cribbin and Ashley Hayes. Photo: Press shot

Preview: Inkheart

Inkheart is HOME’s first Christmas production since its grand opening earlier this year

Photo: NT Live

Theatre goes digital: The ‘live broadcast’ revolution

British theatre performances are welcoming up to two million live viewers from cinemas across the world thanks to a creative ‘live viewing’ platform

Photo: Graeme Cooper

Review: The Oresteia

Blanche McIntyre brings her interpretation of Ted Hughes’ concise translation of The Oresteia to Manchester’s HOME

The Furies in The Oresteia, translated by Ted Hughes, directed by Blanche McIntyre. Presented by HOME Manchester (23 Oct - 14 Nov 2015). Photo by Graeme Cooper

Preview: The Oresteia

Award winning director Blanche McIntyre directs HOME’s Ted Hughes’ adaption of classic greek drama The Oresteia

Photo: HOME Gallery

Last chance: HOME’s I must first apologise…

Phishing and spam take centre stage at HOME’s latest art offering