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Image: Manchester Crown Court

UoM students jailed for running dark web drug empire

£800,000 worth of drugs were sold on the dark web

Martin Lewis formerly headed the Independent Taskforce on Student Finance Information. Photo: Cabinet Office @Flickr

Retroactive student loan alteration “disgraceful,” says Martin Lewis

The founder of popular consumer finance blog has written an open letter to the Prime Minister in the hopes that the decision will be reversed

Photo: Beau Considine @Flickr

To hunt or not to hunt? That is the question. But for who?

Colm Lock attempts to debunk some myths surrounding hunting and suggests the devolution of the debate around its legality is the only way forward

Using the Dark Web and untraceable bitcoin, the gang were able to order illicit substances by post. Photo: mattza @Flickr

Student drug kingpin jailed

Liam Reynolds and a gang of Leeds students ordered drugs from abroad using the Silk Road marketplace and sold them on to students

bunchofpants via Flickr

Opinion: Is illegal downloading acceptable?

A controversial piece by Matthew Byrne.

The Pirate Bay is a Swedish file-sharing website which has become synonymous with internet piracy. Photo: Wiki Commons

Is piracy really all that bad?

Students have been blamed for Manchester being put on the map as the UK’s piracy capital, but is it really a crime?