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Synergi Project reveals effect of ethnicity on mental health care

The University of Manchester has partnered with the Synergi Collaborative Centre, whose research uncovers shocking difference in mental health care between white and BME people

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Homeless in Manchester: “It’s nice to see a face”

Homelessness is a prevalent issue in Manchester, but volunteering at shelters like Crisis can make a big difference

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Knowing and doing: fighting UK poverty

Ryan Khurana comments on the Conservative approach to bringing prosperity to all

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What do Teach First ambassadors actually promote?

The organisation’s prominence is detrimental to the progress of schools in Britain’s most deprived areas

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The British education system needs fundamental change

The reintroduction of grammar schools is another step in the wrong direction. Britain needs to update its education system to truly suit the needs of students and teachers

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Manchester launches the largest development research institute in Europe

Oxfam’s International Executive Director Winnie Byanyima gave a keynote speech on inequality and development to a packed lecture hall to officially launch the institute, the largest of its kind in Europe

Are cognitive enhancers like ritalin reducing our potential to cultivate academic abilities? Photo: ADHD Center @Flickr

Are ‘smart’ drugs slowing down our development?

Alexander Piggot asks whether the growth of smart drugs is leading to educational inequality and making us less intellectually able

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Private education and me

After an illuminating spell in private education, Tristan Parsons takes a critical look at the establishments that are so prominent in our education system

slut shaming

Slut Shaming

Sonia Mansouri discusses the stigma surrounding sexually liberated females and how woman are fighting back

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Review: The Funfair

A rollercoaster of societal commentary and surreal entertainment, The Funfair impresses with fully-fleshed characters and impressive audio-visual design

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Feminism: Challenging inequality or pernicious social engineering?

Feminism is nothing but a subversive blaming mechanism setting women against men and it does not adequately address gender inequalities

Melissa Benn

Interview: Melissa Benn

Journalist and author Melissa Benn speaks to Ben Moore about our education system, the student protests and the evolution of our feminist movement