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The University of Manchester Students Union (Image: Vita Student @ Flickr)

Postgraduate students feel unrepresented by Students’ Union

Students’ Union Education Officer “gutted” by the decision to not introduce a Postgraduate Students’ Union Officer

Anna Soubry official portrait Photo: Chris McAndrew @Wikimedia Commons

Soubry: We need “intelligent discussion” on international students post-Brexit

Anna Soubry insists the UK needs to open up its borders to international students after Brexit to avoid losing EU students

Riddi Viswanathan, Diversity Officer. Photo: Manchester Students' Union

Language badges introduced to welcome international students

Students and staff have found the badges to be useful so far

Photo: SMPAGWU @ Flickr

Britain needs to appreciate the contribution of its international students

After funding outrages and bogus figures, Britain’s international students deserve to have their potential acknowledged and encouraged

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International students in the North West boost economy by £970 million

Data released by Universities UK shows 35,000 foreign students in the North West of England contribute nearly £1 billion to local economy

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

International students’ English “inadequate”, say a third of academics

Half of academics know students don’t prepare for seminars, and many believe that falling entry requirements have led to “almost illiterate” students

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Oxford Vice-Chancellor expresses Brexit worries

Prof Louise Richardson said “the fabric of the institution would be undermined” if uncertainty following the referendum caused numbers of EU students to fall

Photo: Manchester Students' Union

Students walk out in support of refugees and international students

The NUS organised a day of action which included students walking out of lectures to show solidarity for refugees

Alliance Manchester Business School. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Student visa regime is condemned by BIS committee chair

David Cameron’s policies on international students have been attacked by Iain Wright, chair of the BIS Select Committee, who says they are damaging to the UK economy and UK universities

Only affluent students can afford London student housing Photo: alanstanton@flickr

London rents only for wealthy international students

The chair of the London Housing Committee writes to Boris Johnson to request aid for struggling students due to crippling housing costs in the capital

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International students to feel force of government’s immigration clampdown

“Students, yes. Overstayers, no,” says the Home Secretary, renewing scrutiny on foreign students as tougher immigration rules are outlined in controversial speech

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Hundreds of foreign students gather outside Barclays to set up accounts

Hundreds of international students lined up outside the branch in St. Ann’s Square to set up new current accounts in minutes