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Students outraged at Ofsted for schoolgirl hijab proposal

“This is England, for pity’s sake!” a student told The Mancunion criticising the proposal

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Failures of the West’s counter-terrorism strategy

The UK could do much more to win the hearts and minds of British Muslims

Photo: Courtesy Sciences Po Refugee Help

Sciences Po Refugee Help

Sciences Po Refugee Help brings together asylum seekers with students passionate about helping refugees in an effort to “bridge the gap between those in need and those willing to act”

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Newfound popularity for President Bush

America needs a real opposition to Donald Trump, not the plastic exterior of President George W. Bush’s recent resurgence in popularity

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Preview: Islamophobia Awareness Month #IAM2016

November is Islamophobia Awareness Month and throughout this month several events will be held on campus to raise awareness of the challenges British Muslims currently face

Photo: Facebook, HOPE not Hate

NUS members attempt to ‘no-platform’ HOPE Not Hate director

According to the Facebook page of Nick Lowles, director of the anti-fascism group HOPE Not Hate, he has been “no-platformed” by the NUS

The refugee crisis has unveiled a cold and heartless side to Europe. Photo: Alex Donohue @ Flickr

Ignorance isn’t bliss

In the light of the biggest refugee crisis since WWII, Merle Streck discusses how the EU and Britain have proven themselves to be powerless and perhaps, heartless

F-15e American fighter jets over ISIS territory. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

How do we solve a problem like radicalisation?

‘Prevent’ is hypocritical and ignorant, but the problem goes much further than that

The NUS voted down a motion to condemn Islamic State. Photo: Ogbodo Solution @Flickr

NUS refuse to condemn ISIS on grounds of “Islamophobia”

The NUS has voted down a motion to condemn Islamic state as they fear it had pro-intervention rhetoric and could be considered “Islamophobic”